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Hey Queens, don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite

Hey Queens, don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite

February 15, 2021

Hey Queens, don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite

We have all heard the bedtime reminder “Don’t let the bed bugs bite.” For some, this has lost its meaning and has become a cliché and we forget that bed bugs are not to be taken lightly. The fact is: this reminder should be taken seriously.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs Queens infestations multiply very fast. The bed bug’s life cycle starts from eggs until it grows into a mature harmful bug. Its favorite food is human blood. Historically speaking, bed bugs were a serious problem and only very recently have we formulated methods that can keep their numbers down or get rid of them permanently.

Where do they usually live?

These small creatures live in closed areas or in furniture where they can insert themselves easily. Having a bed bugs Queens infestation and is very possible because the common house structure that apartments have allow them to travel from one place to another with relative ease. They can hibernate for long in their chosen home and it is while they are in this state that most people think they’ve finally gotten rid of them.

What Can Kill Bed Bugs?

Normal pesticides can. They are easily destroyed but they can also easily come back. The best thing to do is to target their chosen nest in your home. You can actually identify their presence if you wake up one morning with blood stains in your bed. Just follow the path of the blood and you’ll know where they’ve made a nest.

What to do when you’re bitten by Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs Queens infestations are not fatal. Unlike mosquitoes that can transmit malaria or dengue fever, bed bugs will just irritate your skin. Their bites can easily be treated with minor first aid but if you have current skin problems then the result may be grave. With this, you need to go to a doctor for more proper aid.

How to prevent them from Coming Back

Once you’ve exterminated them, expect them to come back if you’ve used the wrong extermination procedure. To get rid of them permanently you must seek expert help that bed bugs Queens’ exterminators can provide. After seeking professional help, you must start a new habit of cleaning your bed and other parts of the house at a regular basis. Maintaining a clean area is still the best way toprevent bed bugs Queens infestations.

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