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Help! Bed Bug Pest Control in newly infested Queens

Help! Bed Bug Pest Control in newly infested Queens

February 15, 2021

The bed bugs are taking over the borough of Queens and nobody in their right mind knows what to do! What can we do, bed bugs love birds, pigeons and swampy areas. Queens is a very bird filled, pigeon ridden, and swamp filled. Even the government of city of queens is getting so desperate it released a Goverment Issued guide to help it’s fellow citizens cope with this massacre of a situation. To my fellow exterminators, bug haters, pest control contractors and the like; We know this job is not a simple one and every citizen of the wonderful borough needs to do their fair share in helping the situation. Follow some of these following vital steps in the way you deal with this pest control atrocity and tree lines park rich Queens will be in better shape.

#1: If you have Bed Bugs do your laundry often and in hot water. Bed bugs hate extreme heat and extreme cold. Nuke your bed sheets and clothing in the Dryer as this would probably be easier than putting all laundry in the Freezer.

#2: If you see that your mattress is infested with many little black spots and blood stains, throw it out the window as it will end up spreading and spreading and the pest control contractor will have more work to do which will cost you more than the mattress. You must understand that clothing can be dissected and quarantined, floors and shelves can be cleaned; You can begin seeing the light when you control things you can feel and touch inside out. Being that a mattress cannot be dissected, THROW IT OUT! And start cleaning your house to best of your ability.

I will be offering more tips on how to control and beat those little itty bitty blood thirsty creature that explode and spill blood all over your house. Stay tunes for my next posts! To be continued…

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