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Having Ant control or pest trouble in Queens

Having Ant control or pest trouble in Queens

February 15, 2021

Having Ant or pest trouble?

Pests in one’s home can cause such great trouble but finding ways to get rid of them need not be difficult. Ants pose the most unique challenge when it comes to pest control, as they move in large numbers, which means that you are dealing with a whole army of ants and not just one or two. Attempting to get rid of ants on your own without the help of exterminator Queens professionals means that you have to locate their nest and kill their queen, as the ones you usually see roaming around are just the worker ants and they comprise less than 10% of the total colony.

Killing the worker ants alone will not bring an end to your problem, because they are always replaced by others. If you decide to kill all the worker ants that are visible without eliminating the queen, you are only getting rid of your problem temporarily because the rest will likely produce more queens and double or even triple your original problem.

Hiring the services of a licensed and qualified Exterminator Queens company is the best solution if you want to get rid of pests at home, particularly ants. However, if you insist on doing it yourself, you need to find the queen’s nest and get rid of it. To locate the nest, you should follow the ants’ trail back to the nest. Since worker ants leave a pheromone trail which can last for up to a year, it is best to use very powerful insecticide for this purpose, as new ants may be able to detect pheromone trails, even months after the previous ants have left. If new ants decide to follow that trail and create their own nest, you’ll have a serious ant problem all over again.

Ordinary pesticides are normally diluted to roughly 1/7 of the strength of professional grade products like those used by Exterminator Queens, this means you will have to use a lot of pesticide to properly eliminate the ants.

After you have successfully eliminated the ants, try to locate what attracted them in the first place. In the case of carpenter ants, for example, the attraction could have been due to water damage which may have caused some of the wood in your home to rot, creating an ideal habitat for these ants. Pharaoh or thief ants, on the other hand, may have been attracted to the food in your home. So while you can get rid of ant problems on your own, the best way to completely eliminate the problem is by having Exterminator Queens companies send an expert to perform a comprehensive inspection of your home.

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